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Andrade guilty on 1st degree murder, hate crime charges in Zapata slaying, to be sentenced to life without parole. It will be the first trans-related murder to get hate crime conviction.
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There's nothing good about this whole situation--the murder of Angie Zapata, the systemic inequalities through which so many people--Andrade, other murderers, and everyone who is complicit in them--think that murder is an acceptable response to the existence of a trans woman of color, the grief of everyone who knew and loved Angie, the hateful "tranny panic" defense by Andrade's attorneys that's worked so many times before.

But the ruling against Andrade as having committed a hate crime against a trans person is a landmark. It sends the message that there is a problem with this, that it does not make it suddenly okay to bash someone's head in with a blunt, heavy object and say "i killed it" if you later claim that "finding out" (in spite of knowing two days ahead of time) that a woman was assigned male at birth drove you into a state of murderous rage.

This ruling may make the world a safer place. It may save lives.

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from one of those oh so revolutionary "tea parties" to avoid pulling their weight. it's shit like this that makes me want to advocate cannibalizing the rich and redistributing their wealth if they can't get their selfish asses in line

someone should be beaten about the head and shoulders with their copy of Atlas Shrugged.

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Monday, September 29, 2008
Obsession: The Politics of God Fearing Americans



If that image isn't inflammatory enough read what Huff Po has to say about this propaganda film, that was distributed by 70 newspapers in swing states. It was meant to construct Muslims as the enemy of every true God fearing American.

The politics of hate leads to acts of violence. According to the Dayton Daily news, on Friday September 26th someone sprayed a noxious irritant into a mosque.  The room that was attacked was occupied by children, who were under care while their mothers participated in Ramadan prayers.  

Really who are the "terrorists" here?  How is it possible in a country that supposedly champions freedoms, Americans can be attacked at their place of worship?  What have innocent children ever done to deserve this kind of treatment?

There is no doubt in my mind that Obsession incited this act of violence.  This binary of Muslim vs Americans assumes that all people who practice Islam are anti-American, and further discounts the fact that there are Muslim Americans who have lived in the states for generations. Of course they want you to believe that all "Americans" are just good white people defending their home from the Allah worshipping invaders.

Movies like this are meant to prey upon the rampant Islamophobia that exists in the U.S, and promote a culture of racism and violence.  Not only are these attacks terrible, it is  further shameful that they were distributed by the press.  The idea that media exists as as an unbiased source of information is a falsehood.  Daily they pander to the worst elements in American society perpetuating social constructions that construct certain groups as 'other'.

I am simply at a loss for words to express my anger, that once again racism is being used as justification to attack segments of society.  This attack is very reminiscent of the bombing that occurred during the civil rights movement that resulted in the death of 4 young girls.  Ultimately if you believe in the concept of a free and open society such an attack should be considered unthinkable.  So much for the concept of an enlightened West.

H/T eternal-llama and the Daily KOS

So, have any of y'all heard about this story? Heard about it on local news or national news? Heard about it on the blogosphere? On LJ?

I didn't hear about it until yesterday, via an LJ friend. Why is this not news? Do you think that if anyone, not to mention some kind of Muslim fundamentalists, gassed a Baptist Church's nursery in the middle of prayers, it wouldn't be huge news?

I received a copy of Obsession (two, actually, one for me and one for Rob), but I haven't watched it. I'm sure I can imagine the content pretty well. This kind of hate mongering and violence comes out of fear. I can only speculate that, if Obama is elected, if we return to a working majority in congress, and the appearance of the government is more "liberal" (even if it's not) this will get worse and sadly, the last eightish years of propaganda and hate mongering and xenophobia and anti-islamic rhetoric will probably make the targets folks like these. They will do anything to bully us all into submission and scare people away from practicing their rights.

I just don't know how this country can survive, but I guess we will see.

All those families and those touched by this horrible event are in my thoughts and I can only hope for some kind of justice.

oh, john mccain, you got my hopes up when I heard "john mccain is suspending his campaign..."

unfortunately you're just suspending the parts that you know you're bad at, like debates. everyone sees you. just like we saw you with that sarah palin shit. and the cutting bush out of the convention shit. and the first round of debate shit, in which you tried to shape the entire process to your will.

it's like someone just said in an e-mail to jack cafferty, "now we can see who really needs the washington comfort zone." oh snap.

you thought you'd be clever, putting obama in a no win position. instead, people saw you, and are now in the process of pointing and laughing.

does w. know you borrowed his wardrobe of emperor's non-clothes? I mean, not that he'd be able to see that they were gone. lol

you people are killing me with this shit. increasingly, it seems like you're killing the whole country with it. even the media is a bit baffled by the transparent ineptitude going on here. the crack in our country between those that can your drawers and those who refuse to admit they can see your drawers even though there's no way they can't deepens.

and you've got a whole month left to go. *cues calliope music*

Budget Hero

I just want you all to know that, in spite of my full tilt socialist policies (though the game totally stifled me in terms of education policy), I was better at reducing debt AND better at staving off the imminent collapse of this bullshit system than the average, as well as than people in my various demographics and most of the time my govt was only a half percent bigger than average. therefore, you should elect me president. also, Obama is not quite as awesome as me, but I will endorse him anyway. he tries.


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